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We are a group of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, dedicated to community improvement across all aspects of Lake life.


We offer many annual events such as Progressive Dinner, Memorial Day Picnic, Holiday Adopt-A-Child, Senior Luncheon and many more.  We welcome new members and ideas for our community.


You must belong to the Fayson Lakes Association to become a member.  Join now and see what we are all about!  You can click here to create your login account.


To pay, go to the "My Account" tab and click "My Forms and Paperwork."  Once you are a member, the Progressive Dinner sign-up will appear under "New Forms."

If you are interested in joining the Fayson Lakes Women's Club, or would additional information, please contact us:


Thank you for contacting the Fayson Lakes Women's Club!


Our Board is made up of individuals working together towards a common goal.  Those listed below have volunteered to lead our club.  Get to know their names and faces, and please feel free to contact them using the form above if you have questions.

Cheryl Gulino 

Board Member


Brooke Laster

Board Member

Hannah Merlucci

Board Member

Katie Papendick


Kate Reid

Board Member

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