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Musicians Club

As has been evident from the summer Beach Band Jams, live music is alive and well in Fayson Lakes!  Many of the musicians who have played the Jams live in Fayson Lakes.  There are other Fayson residents who play but have not participated in the Summer Jam.  Finally, there are others who “always wanted to play” an instrument or be in a band but never had the opportunity or encouragement to do so.


The idea of a Fayson Lakes Musicians Club is to bring these groups together.  The Club consists of interested adult musicians (high school and older) of all skill levels and experience who gather at the Clubhouse monthly for an organized “jam” and/or rehearsal with other musicians with an eye toward forming various combinations for Fayson events, including but not limited to the Beach Band Jam.  Beginners can be helped by Musicians Club members to find online or live teachers/resources to develop their newfound interest in actually playing.  Others interested in assisting with music tech (sound engineering, etc.) are also welcome!

The Musicians Club assists in organizing Association events.  The Beach Band Jam has been brought about by the vision and hard work of several Fayson Lakes members, and the Musicians Club provides additional support for this event and other live music events at the lake.  There is also the opportunity to bring in seasoned professional musicians for demonstrations and learning sessions for the Club.

We hope that you will consider joining us!

The Fayson Lakes Musicians Club

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Join the Musicians Club!


If you are interested in joining the Fayson Lakes Musicians Club, or would additional information, please contact us:

Image by Gabriel Gurrola
Image by Gabriel Barletta
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