Julie Connelly - jaconnelly4@gmail.com

Vice President:

Kelley McSweeney - kelleyinnj@aol.com


Kevin Fischbeck - kevin.fischbeck@baml.com

Head Official and LSC Delegate:

Lynne Orr - orrl@wpunj.edu


Christine Hackney - christinehackney@me.com


Mike Bohan - bohan_m@yahoo.com

Awards Coordinator:

Courtney Mattie - courtneymattie@gmail.com


Parent Volunteer Coordinator:

Tara Jacobus - jfjacobus@optonline.net

New Swim Member Coordinator:

Charleen Scully - charling7@aol.com

Equipment Manager:

Steve Bury - sebury22@gmail.com

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  • At any swimming meet there are a range of different people involved in running the competition.  A key distinction is between technical and non-technical officials.

  • Technical officials are the people in white who are responsible for ensuring that the rules of swimming are upheld and that all swimmers have the opportunity to compete fairly in whatever events they swim.

  • These officials include the referee(s), starter, judges (stroke, finish and turns), and timekeepers.


We need at least 4-6 technical officials across the different levels of qualification to run a meet, in addition to timers!

Why would you want to become an official?


Here are the Top 7 Answers:

  7.   There is no pay but…

  6.   No entry fee for invitationals or other events either.

  5.   We cannot run meets without officials.

  4.   You will be working with the greatest group of volunteers.

  3.   You can keep in contact with your swimmer.

  2.   New friends, old friends, it’s a great way to socialize. Did we mention no pay?


And the number one reason to become an official... (besides the fact that we cannot run meets without officials!):

  1.   It’s the best “seat” in the house!


How do I become an official?

Level 1 Certification – (All that is needed for Summer League teams)

  • You will need to attend a YMCA official’s certification clinic (we will arrange with LHY for course availability).

  • The course is designed to certify Swim Officials in the areas of Stroke and Turn Judge, Relay Take-off judge, Place Judge, and Timer. 

  • You will then need to take the test (online test with open rulebook) and get on deck as much as possible for experience.

  • Recertify every three years (one year with minimum 8 sessions if you wish to progress to Level 2 certification).

  • Minimum age is 21 and you must be associated with a YMCA or Lakeland Hills Swim League team sponsored Swim Team.