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  • Badges must be worn at all times while on Fayson property.

  • All guests must be accompanied by the resident member when using our facilities.

  • If you are not wearing your badge, you may be challenged by another Fayson member or a Beach Patrol volunteer.

  • If you see someone not wearing a badge, you are encouraged to politely ask them for their badge.

  • Detailed rules pertaining to usage of Fayson Lakes Association beaches are provided here.

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  • Detailed rules pertaining to registration, usage, and storage of boats and other vessels on Fayson Lakes Association property are provided here.

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  • There is no camping permitted anywhere on Fayson Lakes Association property.

  • This includes our beaches, trails, and wooded areas.

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  • Please do not park vehicles on the dams or block dam gates.

  • Do not move, remove, and/or throw rocks from the dam into lakes.

  • No boats or other objects may be stored or otherwise left on or directly around dams.

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  • Please be reminded that Association by-laws state: "All pets or animals will be restricted from beaches and recreational areas."  The members of the Board are committed to upholding this general rule in our by-laws.

  • Dogs are not permitted on either Main Beach or Sabey's Beacheven when the beach is closed. If you are walking your dogs through either beach area, they must remain on-leash and kept off the sand.

  • There are boat launch areas on all three of our lakes where dogs can enter the water to swim, and we have acres of wooded property for them to enjoy.  We fully encourage you to utilize these areas to exercise your dogs.

  • As not everyone is a dog lover, we ask that you be considerate of others when walking your dog. All dogs should be on leash when walking through our streets.

  • Please do not allow your dog access to private property or gardens. DOG WASTE MUST BE PICKED UP AND BROUGHT HOME WITH YOU.  Please do not deposit dog waste in someone else's garbage can or in the beach dumpsters, which do not get picked up during the off-season.

Man Driving in Car
  • Please obey all speed limits and use particular caution while driving near the Clubhouse, Sabey's Beach, and Ladybug Park.

  • The gate between the main and staff parking lots at Main Beach will be locked when the beach is closed to prevent through traffic and speeding.

Fishing Rod
  • According to our by-laws, only children under the age of 14 and seniors/handicapped with special permission may fish from our docks or shores.

  • All other fishing must be done from a registered boat with occupants visibly displaying appropriate member and guest badges.

  • If you see someone fishing from our docks or shores, you are encouraged to politely ask them for their badge and remind them of the rules, when appropriate.

  • If they are not a member, politely ask them to leave as they are trespassing on private property.

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  • Trash receptacles are located at both Main Beach and Sabey's Beach during summer months only.  As the Association does not have trash pick-up in the off-season, these receptacles are closed after Labor Day weekend.

  • Clubhouse dumpsters should also not be used in the off-season, as we don't have regular pick-up during that time.

  • Please help to keep our property clean by bringing all trash home with you in the off-season.

Lakeside Boat
Guardian Strip
  • The Guardian Strip is the 20-25 foot strip of land bordering all three of our lakes.

  • It was designed to allow all members access to the shoreline from a common area, such as the beach.

  • With just a few exceptions, all lakefront properties in Fayson Lakes have a guardian strip.

  • The Fayson Lakes Association has legal possession of and control over the guardian strips.

  • No docks, retaining walls, or personal beaches are allowed on the guardian strip.

  • Boats may be moored or tied to the guardian strip with the permission of the property owner adjacent to the strip.

  • The guardian strip should not be blocked off by debris or fences.

  • Leaves and tree debris should be removed and not blown into the lake or stored on the guardian strip.

  • There are rules about the use of pesticides and/or fertilizers which are especially important to follow if you are a lakefront owner.

  • All requests to make changes to the guardian strip, including tree removal, must be submitted to the Board of Trustees using this Guardian Strip Request Form.

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  • Hunting is not permitted on FLA property.

  • Our trails are used by members of all ages, and their safety is our top priority.

Camp Fire
Open Fires
  • Open fires are not permitted on FLA property.

  • This includes our beaches, trails, on boats, and in other common areas.

  • As we live in a heavily wooded environment, we have zero-tolerance t the risks of a wildfire event.

Ladybug Park Playground.jpg
  • Detailed rules pertaining to usage of the Ladybug Park playground and sports court are provided here.

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Sabey's Gates
  • In an effort to discourage loitering and vandalism, all three gates at Sabey's Beach should remain closed and locked.

  • Members entering and leaving through these gates are required to close and lock them immediately after passing through.

  • Combinations can be obtained from any of the Trustees or the Business Office.

Classic Skateboard
  • Skateboarding is not permitted on FLA property, with the exception of the dam roads and Ladybug Park sports court.

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Wood Harvesting
  • Members may "harvest" wood from dead or fallen trees located on Association property.

  • Board approval is required for the cutting of a standing tree, which should only occur when it is obvious that the tree has been damaged beyond recovery; typically, in spring or summer.  If the tree is determined to be dead, it will be tagged for removal.

  • No trees may be removed from the Guardian Strip without approval from the Board.

  • Association members (wearing current badges) may:

    • Collect the equivalent of one cord of ground wood; i.e., fallen limbs and branches.

    • Operate chainsaws to cut ground wood to a transportable size.

    • Challenge anyone in the process of cutting a standing tree (even if that person is wearing a current membership badge).

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Yard Waste
  • Please do not deposit yard waste on Association or rock lot properties.

  • Please also instruct your landscape contractors that dumping is not permitted on FLA property.

  • If you own a home on the water, please do not blow your leaves or other debris into the lake, and do not permit your landscape contractors to do the same.

  • The Association reserves the right to obtain monetary reimbursement from property owners for costs incurred by the Association to remove debris deposited in these areas.