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To communicate with our community, the FLA Board of Trustees periodically sends email blasts to remind our members of important events and share information.


If you are an Association Member who is not on the email distribution list and would like to be included, please provide your email address to our Business Manager and Email Blasts Trustee.


Anyone who would like information distributed in an upcoming email blast can provide the information (e.g., write-ups or flyers) to the Email Blasts Trustee.

Image by Brett Jordan

To keep our membership informed, encourage community involvement, and create a space where we can "meet" our neighbors and share stories, the Board of Trustees publishes a quarterly digital newsletter known as the Fayson Fax, with the hope that all members who have access to email will read it, and also consider contributing to its content.


Note: For any member who does not have access to email, the Board can arrange for a printed copy of the newsletter to be picked up at the Clubhouse.  We can also mail a copy to any member who is housebound.

Please consider sharing your stories, memories, and news of all kinds with your neighbors and friends by submitting photos and/or write-ups to the Fayson Fax.  Simply email text documents and/or photos as attachments, along with your name and a caption, to, and we will do our best to include your feature in an upcoming issue.


Content areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet Your Neighbor

  • Volunteer Recognition

  • Community Photos

  • Project Updates

  • These are Our Kids

  • Creature Feature (pets/local wildlife)

  • Fayson Athletes

Submission Deadline
Publication Date
September 20
October 15
June 20
July 15
March 20
April 15
December 20
January 15

Prevent Emails from being Marked as "Spam"


If you find that our email blasts and other communications are being delivered to your "spam" folder, there are a few things that you can do:

  1. Explicitly mark Fayson Lakes Association email messages as "Not Spam." Each mail provider has a different way to do this, but here are sample instructions for Gmail and Yahoo.  If you use Optimum Online, you can check your "Blocked Senders" list for,, and, and click "Unblock" if you locate them there.

  2. Add the email addresses, and to your mail Contacts.  Here are sample instructions for GmailYahoo, and Optimum Online.


The more recipients who follow the steps above, the less likely that our messages will be considered spam by mail providers, which helps us to improve communication with our members!

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