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Gators Give Back Fund - New Lifeguard Chairs

Gators Give Back Fund - New Lifeguard Chairs


Donations for Fayson Gators Give Back Fund - To directly benefit the 2021 Gators Give Back program to purchase new lifeguard chairs for the beach next season, to ensure that our guards can safely perform their duties.  The number of new lifeguard chairs purchased will depend upon the amount of funds collected.


You can submit your voluntary donation in increments of $10 by increasing the quantity on this item; e.g., you can change quantity to 2 for a $20 donation ($10 x 2 = $20) or to 5 for a $50 donation ($10 x 5 = $50).


      All sales are final; no returns/refunds permitted.


      There is no physical product or service to be rendered through this purchase.  This is strictly for voluntary donation purposes.

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