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New Junior Lifeguard Position (ages 15+)

Ideal candidate: 15+ years of age and looking to gain experience as part of beach staff, with intent to become a lifeguard. Will not include first aid or lifeguarding in chair. If certifications are obtained, Beach Director and Beach Trustees will assess readiness to transition to a full Lifeguard role.

Responsibilities include:

  • Enforcing all beach rules.

  • Participating in beach activities/events.

  • Maintaining beach facilities.

  • Participating in weekly drills/workouts.

  • Must be polite, respectful, and serve as a positive role model for children.

Must be at least 15 years of age; Working Papers required if under 18 years of age. Lifeguard, First Aid, and CPR Certifications Preferred, but not Required.

Interested individuals can submit a job application HERE.

The Board of Trustees, Fayson Lakes Association


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