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June is Pride Month

In recognition of June being national Pride Month, you may observe some members, guests, and staff electing to wear Pride colors and display other visible expressions of support for our LGBTQ+ community, including this Sunday, 6/5, for those who might also like to participate. Some may also forgo doing so for any number of valid reasons, while still maintaining respect and consideration for LGBTQ+ individuals. We encourage this freedom of expression, and all groups should be equally respected. It’s the diversity among us that provides opportunities for dialogue to learn more about one another!

Our FLA Beach Staff and Board of Trustees are united in our overall mission and message of inclusion, which is that the Fayson Lakes community welcomes everyone. We sincerely hope that this reflects an area of universal agreement amongst all of our members, crossing a wonderfully diverse spectrum of personal beliefs.

What remains most important is to consider things we can do, everyday, to promote a culture of respect, dignity, and kindness within Fayson Lakes. For those among us who are parents of young children, it’s often small acts that can make a big difference. This could be encouraging our kids to play with another child at the beach who may have challenges making friends, inviting someone to join an Association club or activity, or just striking up a friendly conversation with someone new. The Fayson Lakes community is at its best when everyone feels like they belong!

The Board of Trustees, Fayson Lakes Association


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