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General Announcements & Reminders - April 2021

Reminder - Office Closed

Just a reminder that the FLA Office is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. Once we have determined that it is safe for business to be conducted at the office, members will be notified. Until then, if you need to speak with our Business Manager, Cathy Luisi, about your dues or badges, please either leave a phone message at (973) 838-2043 or an e-mail at, and Cathy will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.

Reminder - Clean-up after Pets

We wanted to share another friendly reminder to please pick-up after your pets, and to dispose of waste at home when trash receptacles are closed during our off-season. Now that the snow has melted, we're finding pet waste in all sorts of places, including the sports courts where our children play. This is a year-round obligation, so please be considerate of neighbors!

Geese Control

We have hired the Geese Police to help us remove the geese on our lakes and beaches. From March until June, you may see the Geese Police on our beaches and dams, as well as in the water on their kayaks. The Geese Police use highly trained working Border Collies to herd Canada geese off a client’s property. The dogs are friendly, and you should not be alarmed if you see them on the beaches. The plan is to get the geese to leave the lakes before they molt, which takes place in June.

Important Notes:

  • The Geese Police dogs will be on our beaches doing their jobs. Please continue to respect the General Rules of our Association which restricts all pets and/or animals (with the exception of service animals) from our beaches and recreational areas.

  • Please also note that if any other company or homeowner is found to have handled the eggs or nests, the Geese Police will assess a penalty of $1,000 per occurrence.

  • Therefore, if you are aware or become aware of any nests, please contact Trustee Rob Galluscio (, but do not do anything to disturb or addle the eggs yourself.

  • Lastly, DO NOT FEED THE GEESE. It is important that we not establish an environment that discourages them from migrating to an area outside of Fayson Lakes.

The Board of Trustees, Fayson Lakes Association



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