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FLA Earth Day & Fix-It Day - Sunday, 5/1 - Volunteers Needed!

We hope that you will Save the Date of Sunday, May 1 for our annual FLA Earth Day & Fix-It Day event, combined into a single day for this year! ​We have an extensive list of projects planned in preparation for the beach opening and summer season, and could use the help of our community volunteers to assist with these activities!

We plan to meet at the Clubhouse at 9:00 AM. We will provide coffee and donuts in the morning and lunch in the early afternoon for our volunteers.

We have been publishing these project to our website with photos, descriptions, required materials/tools, and estimated # of volunteers HERE.

Please take a look at this list, and consider if you might be able to volunteer or contribute in some other way towards a particular project. Our community consists of members with all sorts of skills, and we could use the expertise and talents of our residents to help us accomplish these projects!

We are also looking for a few project "leads" to help ensure that our event is as productive as possible, and could likely use some assistance with picking up materials. Please also feel free to just "show up" on Fix-It Day itself, as we'll surely be able to use your help!

To volunteer for a particular project, or if you have any other questions or ideas, please contact the following Trustee:

  • Jeremy Raffer: or (201) 747-2705

Once again, we greatly appreciate the support and teamwork of our many volunteers who keep our community beautiful and safe year-round, and hope that you will be able to join us!

The Board of Trustees, Fayson Lakes Association


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