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Check back here for information on our Summer events.


We are inviting women interested in becoming FLA Women's Club Board Members to attend an Open House on Tuesday, August 14th at 6:30 PM at the home of Jen Tanis, 12 Birchwood Trail. Board vacancy details are for FLWC President and FLWC Volunteer Coordinator. Please send an RSVP to Jen Tanis at tanisfive@gmail.com or call 917-929-3964.



This is one of our most popular events, and for good reason, it's tons of fun! It's a great way to meet your fellow Fayson Lakers, new and let's say seasoned members alike.

RSVP by November 3rd to Stacey Andretta at stacey1126@optonline.net or Colleen Lazarus at clazarus@optonline.net. Please be mindful that we cannot place people until we know who is attending and everyone wants to know where they are going asap!

And now here's how it works... In a nutshell, the evening starts at 6:00 PM. Couples and singles all meet at a host house to enjoy appetizers. We then break up into smaller groups (about 8 people) for dinner. After that, we all get back together again at a third house for dessert. Before the night of the Progressive Dinner, more information will be given including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the homes you have been invited to for the evening. So, what part of the event would you like to do?

Appetizers Host - Part of the fun of this event is to go to homes we've never been before. Do you have a home that can hold about 60 people or so? Would you like to be the home that hosts the appetizer portion of the evening?

Appetizers - Bring your favorite appetizer with you. Please remember to double your recipe since there are usually more than 50 people who attend.

Dinner - Make one of the dinners for the evening. Don't worry about deciding what to cook. Everyone has the same thing for dinner, and the recipe will be given to you.

Dinner Host - Open up your home to approxNewsimately three other couples for dinner. Don't have a dining room table? Don't worry. The kitchen table works just fine. We're just getting together with friends and having a good time! Hosts provide the salad, rolls and a couple of bottles of wine.

Dessert Host - Again, part of the fun is to go to a home we've never been before. Do you have a home that can hold about 60 people or so? This event usually winds down at about 12:00 AM. Would you like to be the dessert home for the evening?

Dessert - Is dessert your favorite part of a meal? Then we've a job for you. We can either make arrangements to drop of your dessert before the evening starts or bring it along with you to the Dessert Host House. So that we keep things from getting out of balance, keep track of your spending. The cost of the evening gets equally divided between the couples at dinner time.


The Fayson Lakes Women's Club will be donating a new paddle board and 5 adult life jackets to the beach for this year's annual donation. The club will also be making its annual financial contribution to the fish stocking. As always, we'd like to thank our members who volunteer their time to support fundraising efforts and activities that raise money so we can give back to the lake!

The Beer, Wine and Spirits Tasting event will be on Saturday, April 14th. This is an event for FLWC members. Non-club members who would like to participate must pay an additional fee. RSVP by April 6th to Betty MacDonald hfbemac@yahoo.com or Lynn Evans lynnscreative@optonline.net.

The annual Senior Luncheon will be on Thursday, May 3rd this year. Senior members of the community will receive an invitation soon. If you do not receive an invitation and would like to attend, please email FLWC1930@gmail.com for more information.

More events will be announced in the coming months. To join the FL Women's Club, email FLWC1930@gmail.com.