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Fayson Lakes Association Rules

Wood Harvest

Our Association has a policy of allowing members to "harvest" wood from dead or fallen trees located on Association property during the autumn months. Board approval is required for the cutting of a standing tree. If you are interested in cutting down a standing tree, you must request permission from the Board in the spring or summer when it is obvious that the tree has been damaged beyond recovery. If the tree is determined to be dead, it will be tagged; and you may cut it down during that year's fall harvest. No trees may be cut down on the Guardian Strip without approval from the Board.

Association members (wearing current badges) may:

  • Collect the equivalent of one cord of ground wood, i.e., fallen limbs and branches.
  • Operate chain saws to cut ground wood to a transportable size.
  • Challenge anyone in the process of cutting a standing tree (even if that person is wearing a current membership badge).

Note that the Association has no authority over trees located on member properties; however, town regulations may apply.