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Fayson Lakes Association Rules

Please help keep Fayson Lakes a safe and healthy place for all members by observing the following rules:

  • BADGES: Badges must be worn at all times while on Fayson property. All guests must be accompanied by the resident member when using our facilities. If you are not wearing your badge, you may be challenged by another Fayson member or a Beach Patrol volunteer. If you see someone not wearing a badge, you are encouraged to politely ask them for their badge.
  • BOATS: All boats used or stored on FLA property must be currently registered with the Association and clearly display their registration number AND two current FLA decals (your registration number is written on your current year decals). Boats not complying with these requirements are subject to removal by the Association.
  • FISHING: According to our by-laws, only children under the age of 14 and seniors/handicapped with special permission may fish from our docks or shores. All other fishing must be done from a registered boat with occupants visibly displaying appropriate member and guest badges. If you see someone fishing from our docks or shores, you are encouraged to politely ask them for their badge and remind them of the rules, when appropriate. If they are not a member, politely ask them to leave as they are trespassing on private property.
  • DRIVING: Please obey all speed limits within FLA and use particular caution while driving near the Clubhouse, Sabey's Beach, and Ladybug Park. The gate between the main parking lot and the staff parking lot at the Clubhouse will be locked when the beach is closed to prevent through traffic and speeding.
  • SABEY'S GATES: In an effort to discourage loitering and vandalism, all three gates at Sabey's Beach should be locked when the beach is closed. Members entering and leaving through these gates are asked to lock them behind you. Combinations can be obtained from any of the Trustees or the office.
  • NO PARKING ON DAMS: Please do not park vehicles on the dams or block dam gates.
  • DOGS: DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON OUR BEACHES AT ANY TIME, INCLUDING MONTHS WHEN THE BEACH IS CLOSED. When walking through our beach areas, please keep your dog on leash and off the sand. As always, dog waste must be picked up and brought home with you - please do not deposit it in someone else's garbage can, including the barrels and dumpsters located at the beach.
  • SKATEBOARDING: Skateboarding is not permitted on FLA property.
  • YARD WASTE: Please do not deposit yard waste on Association or rock lot properties. Please also instruct your landscape contractors that dumping is not permitted on FLA property. If you own a home on the water, please do not allow your leaves to be blown into the lake.
  • HUNTING: Hunting is not permitted on FLA property.
  • OPEN FIRES: Open fires are not permitted on FLA property.
  • GARBAGE: Trash barrels are located both on Sabey's Beach and Main Beach during summer months only. As the Association does not have trash pick-up in the off-season, these barrels are closed after Labor Day weekend. The Association dumpsters should also not be used after Labor Day weekend. Please help to keep our property clean by bringing all trash home with you in the off-season.

Thank you for your cooperation!

The FLA Board of Trustees