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Fayson Lakes Association Rules

The Guardian Strip and You

The Guardian Strip is the 20-25 foot strip of land bordering all three of our lakes. It was designed to allow all members access to the shoreline from a common area, such as the beach. With just a few exceptions, all lakefront properties in Fayson Lakes have a guardian strip. The Fayson Lakes Association has legal possession of and control over the guardian strips.
  • No docks, retaining walls, or personal beaches are allowed on the guardian strip.
  • Boats may be moored or tied to the guardian strip with the permission of the property owner adjacent to the strip.
  • The guardian strip should not be blocked off by debris or fences.
  • Leaves and tree debris should be removed and not blown into the lake or stored on the guardian strip.
  • All requests to make changes to the guardian strip, including tree removal, must be submitted to the Board of Trustees.
  • There are rules about the use of pesticides and/or fertilizers which are especially important to follow if you are a lakefront owner.

Please contact Jim Jacobus, Trustee in charge of the Guardian Strip, jfjacobus4@gmail.com, (C) 973-214-7761, if you have any questions.