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The Fayson Lakes Association would like to sincerely thank the following members of the Pool Committee:

  • Bill Luisi
  • Mike Luisi
  • Matt Civil
  • Jim Jacobus
  • Dave Papendick
  • Steve Papendick
  • Steve Kessel
  • Andrew Collins
  • Kevin Fischbeck
  • Don Niehoff
The Association and the community greatly appreciates the immense amount of time and effort spent to complete this enormous project. The new swimming lanes are absolutely beautiful and a "state of the art" facility!

Thank you again to the committee and the many volunteers who came out to help.

Pool Area - Summer 2018

The pool project is nearing completion, but final work will extend into June. Please instruct your family members to stay away from the construction areas.

The Pool Committee is proceeding with the work of completing the renovation of the pool area in time for the summer season. The good news is that the project is proceeding nicely; as of the weekend of January 20th, the new walls of the pool area and the supporting steel structure are substantially complete, a new catch basin has been installed (this catch basin is designed to prevent silt and garbage from Clubhouse Trail and the tennis/basketball courts from entering the pool area), and the lake bed of the pool area has been leveled.

An important aspect of the pool project is timing; certain elements of the project must be completed while the water level is low enough to allow work to continue. With the combined efforts of the contractor, (we have also engaged Coastal Underwater Service and Supply to help with completion of the project along with many volunteers from the Fayson Lakes community) we will be completing the portion of the work that can be impacted by the water level over the next week or so. We will then continue with the work of preparing for the pouring of the concrete decking, curbs and sidewalk, which can proceed regardless of the water level in West Lake. It is our expectation to be ready for the concrete work by early spring and will schedule the concrete pour based on the weather and to have the project complete in time for the opening of Main Beach.

As you may be aware, we have run into numerous delays with the project caused by the financial difficulties of the original contractor and liability disputes with the bonding company. We have not yet reached a conclusion of our disputes with the contractor and/or the bonding company. Nevertheless, we decided to move forward with the project despite not having resolved these disputes because any additional delay in recommencing the project last fall would have likely meant that the rising lake level would prohibit the timely completion of the project. If we were not able to beat the rising water, we would have lost the use of the pool area for yet another summer and been left in a position where we would have to lower West Lake for a third time in three years. Additionally, we were concerned with possible damage and the resulting additional costs that would likely have occurred if the incomplete work and materials were left sitting for another season, together with the safety risks of leaving the pool area unfinished for potentially another year. The course of the project over the last several months (as described above) was expressly designed to avoid these further adverse results. Thankfully, we seem to be in reach of achieving the goal of completing the project. Fayson Lakes Association continues to preserve its rights and potential remedies against both the contractor and the bonding company.

I would like to thank the members of both the Board and the Pool Committee for their continuing hard work and support in seeing the pool project through to completion. I would also like to acknowledge the hard work and support we have received from many members of the Fayson Lakes community. I am available any time for additional questions you may have on the pool project.


Matt Civil, mattcivil@Augenticivilinc.com, (C) 973-583-9471
Jim Jacobus, jfjacobus4@gmail.com, (C) 973-214-7761