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Pool Construction 1As most of you know, the Pool Area Rehabilitation has been underway since early November. The demolition progressed largely as expected and has been substantially complete for a few weeks. The planned construction schedule had the bulk of the work within the lake bed completed by Christmas. However, in the course of the work, and through some test pits performed by the contractor within the pool footprint, it became apparent that some adjustments to the structural design were required. The adjustments have been worked through with the engineer and the contractor is currently making good progress. The work in the lake bed will continue over the next few weeks as the structure begins to take shape and our pool becomes more recognizable. The new concrete pool deck, fencing and sidewalks will be placed in early spring as originally planned. The valve to drain West Lake was closed on January 1st, as planned, and the lake is now refilling. Lets all hope (at least for this year) for a continued mild, dry winter but a wet late Spring!

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