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Many in our membership have noted that progress on the Pool Rehabilitation Project has stalled and have been asking for an update.

In short, the contractor selected to perform the pool rehabilitation project has not completed the project on schedule or in a satisfactory manner. Fortunately, as part of the project, FLA purchased a performance bond that insures the satisfactory completion of the work if the selected contractor fails to complete the construction. FLA is currently in discussions with the bonding company and the contractor regarding completing the project. This process will take some time and given that the beach will open soon, work will not resume on the pool area until after the summer.

Fortunately, the water level in the lake has come up and the lake is nearly full. Our current priority is to get the beach cleaned up and ready for the official opening Memorial Day Weekend.

Alternate plans for swim team practices and meets are being developed and will be communicated through the swim team.

Additional updates will be posted as more information becomes available.


Andrew Collins, FLA Trustee