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Membership Meetings and Proxy Cards

Two Membership Meetings Each Year

For the benefit of the new members who have joined our Fayson community recently, our Association holds two membership meetings each year - the first is held on the third Saturday in March; the second is on the third Saturday in September (also referred to as our Annual Meeting). Prior to each meeting, you will receive a proxy card officially notifying you of the meeting date, time and place.

We encourage our members to attend the membership meetings. They are a forum where issues affecting our Association can be brought forth, discussed, and hopefully resolved to the satisfaction of the majority of our members. If you cannot attend a meeting, please sign and send in your proxy card. This is very important as we need a quorum of 25% of our paid membership to open a membership meeting. When you send in a signed proxy card, you are assigning to the Board (or someone you designate) the power of substitution to cast your vote on such matters as may properly come before the meeting.

The proxy card for the March meeting includes a summary of the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Details of the budget are presented at the meeting. The proxy card for the September meeting shows the roster of new Trustees selected by the Board for membership approval. Other proposals are presented for membership vote as needed.

For each proposal listed on a proxy card, you will see the following options:

Yes     No     Abstain

Obviously, you would select Yes or No if you want to vote For or Against a proposal. An Abstain vote has absolutely no effect on the outcome; it is the same as not voting at all. If you do not select an option and instead leave a proposal blank, an officer of the Board will cast a vote for you.

If you do not already have a copy of Association By-Laws, please feel free to stop by the office to pick one up; or you can access the By-Laws on this website (move your mouse over the Home tab - and download from the bottom of the About Us page or click HERE. Click on this link http://www.faysonlakes.org/rules/ to access the FLA Rules (navigation to this page can be found by moving your mouse over the Home button and look for FLA Rules).

The FLA Board of Trustees