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General Information - FLA Communications

Email Blasts

In an effort to communicate with our community, the Fayson Lakes Association Board of Trustees periodically sends out email blasts to communicate, remind our members of important events and share information. If you are not on the email distribution list and would like to be included, please provide your email address to: Cathy Luisi, FLA Office Manager at flaoffice@optonline.net. If anyone would like information included in an upcoming email blast, complete info (i.e., write-ups or flyers) should be provided to the Email Blasts Trustee listed HERE. The schedule is as follows:

  • Summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) - Email blasts will go out every week as needed. Please submit any info to the Fax/Email/Website Trustee in order to have it included.
  • Off Season (Labor Day through end of February) - Email blasts will go out once a month or as needed. Please submit any info in a timely manner in order to have it included.
  • March/April/May - Email blasts will go out approximately every 2 weeks as needed. Again, please submit any info to the appropriate trustee in order to have it included in the email.

Please note, the FLA Board of Trustees, at its discretion, will periodically sendadditional email blasts on an "as needed" basis to communicate "need to know quickly" information.

The Fax is BACK - Get Ready for the Next Issue of the Digital Fayson Fax!

Please consider sharing your stories, memories, and news of all kinds with your neighbors and friends by submitting photos and/or write-ups to the Fayson Fax. Simply email text documents and/or photos as attachments, along with your name and a caption, to c.fayson.fax@gmail.com, and we will do our best to include your feature in an upcoming issue. Submission Deadline: Friday, September 18th.

Topics needed include, but are not limited to:

  • Meet Your Neighbor
  • These are Our Kids
  • Creature Feature (pets/local wildlife)
  • Fayson Athlete(s)

We also have writers who would love to interview you (in person or via phone/email) and help you tell your story! If interested, contact c.fayson.fax@gmail.com (by Tuesday, September 1st).

Did you miss the first seven issues of the digital Fayson Fax? Check your junk mail! Be sure to add announcements@faysonlakes.org to your contacts so you don't miss our Spring issue coming in April.

The seventh edition of new digital Fayson Fax magazine was published in January. You should have received your copy in an email sent January 20th with a subject line of FAYSON FAX: Digital Magazine for the Residents of Fayson Lakes (January 2020). If you have not had an opportunity to read the newsletter, please check it out.

In an effort to keep our membership informed, to encourage community involvement, and to create a space where we can "meet" our neighbors and share stories, the Board of Trustees has decided to continue the publication of this digital newsletter with the hope that all members who have access to email will read it and consider contributing to its content. The Board does have plans to provide printed copies of the newsletter to those members who would like to pick up a copy at the Clubhouse. And if a member who does not use email is housebound, a printed copy can be mailed to them.

FLA Email and Fayson Fax Delivery

If you find that our email blasts and other communications are being delivered to your "spam" folder, there are a few things that you can do:

  1. Explicitly mark Fayson Lakes Association email messages as "Not Spam." Each mail provider has a different way to do this, but here are sample instructions for Gmail and Yahoo. If you use Optimum Online, you can check your "Blocked Senders" list for questions.flabot@gmail.com, flaoffice@optonline.net, and announcements@faysonlakes.org, and click "Unblock" if you locate them there.
  2. Add the email addresses questions.flabot@gmail.com, flaoffice@optonline.net, and announcements@faysonlakes.org to your mail Contacts. Once again, here are sample instructions for Gmail, Yahoo, and Optimum Online.

The more recipients who follow the steps above, the less likely that our messages will be considered spam by mail providers, which helps us to improve communication with our members!

As you all know, our Fayson Fax magazine was suspended last October. We were hopeful that a new Area Director, working for the same publisher, would take over our magazine, but that did not happen. You may also know that one of our members, Carla Pastore, had been working as Associate Publisher for our magazine. Carla has offered to work with the Board to produce a new Fayson Fax newsletter.

Due to the exorbitant costs of printing and mailing, and the difficulty of getting someone to sell advertising to help defray these costs, the Board has decided to try out a digital newsletter format that will be delivered to your email address. Should the first issue be successful and well-received, future issues will be published 4 times each year (the same as was done prior to 2009 when N2 Publishing took over).

The Board and Carla have set an ambitious goal of getting the first issue published by early July. Members are encouraged to submit informational articles or human-interest stories for inclusion in our newsletter. Please email these types of stories directly to Carla as attachments to c.fayson.fax@gmail.com no later than Monday, June 18th.

If there are any "Young Entrepreneurs" out there who would like to advertise services such as babysitting, lawn mowing, pet-sitting, etc., please send their name, phone number, email address, and service(s) offered to Carla at c.fayson.fax@gmail.com to be featured in the Fayson Fax.

Classified advertising is free for Fayson Lakes residents, too. If you want your ad to appear in the July issue, please email Carla at c.fayson.fax@gmail.com.

Please remember, all submissions for the inaugural issue of the Fayson Fax newsletter must be received by Monday, June 18th.

There are a few members who do not use email and therefore would not be able to receive a digital newsletter. Arrangements will be made to snail mail a copy of our newsletter to these members.

As was always the case, our Fayson Fax is only as good as the usefulness and enjoyment of its content; please consider being a contributor. In addition, if there is a member of any age who would like to work with Carla as a volunteer to help solicit (or write) articles and/or take pictures for our newsletter, please contact her directly at c.fayson.fax@gmail.com.

The Fayson Fax has been suspended until further notice. Therefore, when you fill out the form to pay your dues make sure to write your email down so the Association has it.

Another excellent source of community communication is the monthly Fayson Fax. The Fax is delivered to Fayson Lakes residents usually in the middle-of-each-month. The due date for each Fax is the second-to-last-day of the month (approximately 1 1/2 months prior to the distribution). For example, the due date for the June Fax (which is delivered mid-June) is April 29th. The due date for the July Fax (which is delivered mid-July) is May 30th, and so on. There are special dates that will apply at the end of the year due to a holiday schedule. These dates will be posted on the website when they are available.

Additionally, any information submitted for inclusion in the Fax should be publication ready. The information should not require editing by the trustee or The Fax personnel. Acceptable file formats are:

  • Word documents
  • PDF files
  • JPEG files
  • PNG files