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Labor Day Weekend Schedule Posted

Due Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual Meeting of The Fayson Lakes Association will be held at the Fayson Lakes Clubhouse, 10 Clubhouse Trail, Borough of Kinnelon, County of Morris, State of New Jersey, on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at 10:00 AM, for the transaction of any business that may be legally brought before the meeting.

Trustees nominated to fill open positions on the Board will be officially elected at the Annual Meeting. Proxy cards will be mailed out at the end of August. It is important to return your proxy card if you are not going to be attending the meeting as we need 25% representation of the paid membership to obtain the quorum required to hold a legal meeting. You may either mail your signed proxy card back to the office or place it in the drop box at the front of the Clubhouse. Please clearly print your name and address on the card, and keep in mind that each member property has one vote. If you do not receive your proxy card by September 2nd, please contact the office. Your proxy vote is valid only if you have paid your 2017 dues.

The FLA Board of Trustees

Board Trustee Positions Open

The FLA Board of Trustees is looking to fill open trustee positions for the upcoming triennial period. If you have any interest in serving your community as a trustee, please email any Board member. Contact information for each Board member can be found on the website under the Office/Trustees tab or click HERE.

Beach Patrol

Beach Reminders

FLA Communications Update

Email Blasts

In an effort to improve our community communications, the FLA Board periodically sends email blasts to communicate important events and information to the Fayson Lakes Association members. If you are not already on the email list and would like to be, please provide your email address to Cathy Luisi, FLA Office Manager at flaoffice@optonline.net. In order to streamline the email blast process, we will be sending them out on a schedule. The first scheduled email blast will be on May 26, 2017 (submission deadline May 23, 2017). Complete information (ie, write-ups or flyers) should be provided to the Fax/Email/Website Trustee (click HERE for the Trustee Page) by the specified due dates in order for it to make the next scheduled email blast. Our schedule will be as follows:

  • Summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) - Email blasts will go out every week on Friday as needed. Please submit any information by the Tuesday before (by noon) in order to have it go out on that Friday.
  • Off Season (Labor Day through end of February) - Email blasts will go out once a month on the 15th of the month. Please submit any information by the 12th of the month in order to have it go out on the 15th.
  • March/April/May - Email blasts will go out every 2 weeks on Friday as needed. Please submit any information by the Tuesday before (by noon) in order to have it go out on that Friday.

Please note, the Board, at its discretion, may periodically send additional email blasts to communicate "need to know quickly" information in a timely manner. However, communication/reminders regarding non Board-related information should follow the above schedule.

The Fax

Another excellent source of community communication is the monthly Fayson Fax. The Fax is delivered to Fayson Lakes residents usually in the middle-of-each-month. The due date for each Fax is the second-to-last-day of the month (approximately 1 1/2 months prior to the distribution). For example, the due date for the June Fax (which is delivered mid-June) is April 29th. The due date for the July Fax (which is delivered mid-July) is May 30th, and so on. There are special dates that will apply at the end of the year due to a holiday schedule. These dates will be posted on the website when they are available.

Additionally, any information submitted for inclusion in the Fax should be publication ready. The information should not require editing by the trustee or The Fax personnel. Acceptable file formats are:

  • Word documents
  • PDF files
  • JPEG files
  • PNG files

Fayson Lakes Women's Club Sweatshirt Sale

2017 Dues Reminder

Help Wanted For Summer

Attention All Boat Owners - Winterize Your Boat

Board of Health Notice

There is very important healthcare information available that can save people time & money. Please see the below websites which can be very helpful information:
  • www.turnthetownsteal.org - This website provides a quarterly newsletter with valuable information on ovarian cancer. These can also be obtained form the Board of Health in the Municipal Building in town.
  • www.healthcare.gov - This website provides a wealth of knowledge for obtaining healthcare for adults and children and includes information on preventative care and immunization vaccines.
  • www.peqtwp.org (click on Departments & Offices and then click on Health Department) - There are 2 links (Health Department Newsletter and Public Health TV) on the page which can be useful.

Fishing Reminder

Please remember that fishing on Fayson Lakes is for members only and you must wear a current Fayson Lakes Association badge while fishing. Additionally, Fayson Lakes fishing policy is "Catch and Release." Please abide by these rules. Thank you.

The Guardian Strip and You

A reminder to our members that any work performed on the Guardian Strip, including the cutting of trees, must be submitted to the Board of Trustees for approval. As per Association By-Laws: "Control of the Guardian Strip on all lakes rests solely with The Fayson Lakes Association."

Those of us who live adjacent to the lakes in our community are very privileged to have such a resource in our back yard. However, with this comes some responsibility for maintaining this property for future generations of Fayson Lakers. No docks, retaining walls, or other structures are allowed on the strip so as to preserve the natural appearance of our waterline and anyone wishing to make alterations to the Guardian Strip must apply to the Board in writing. The aim is to keep the shoreline as natural looking as possible, while preventing the erosion of shoreline property.

While you can store boats on the Guardian Strip, since it was designed to allow all members access to the shoreline from a common area such as the beach, it should not be blocked off by debris or fences.

There are also rules about the use of pesticides and/or fertilizers, which are especially important to follow if you are a lakefront owner.

Please contact Beth Polick, Trustee bpolick@optonline.net, if you have any questions regarding the Guardian Strip.


Although hunting is a great sport and a lot of fun, there is absolutely NO HUNTING allowed on Fayson Lakes property. This includes the woods behind Sabey's Beach since people frequently walk and hike back there. This could be very dangerous if not strictly adhered to.

Other News

Tribute to Ken Allerman - FLA Beach Director in the 50's & 60's

Ken Allerman Memorial

Ken was a wonderful husband, father, friend, mentor, teacher and coach. But when summer arrived in Fayson Lakes during the early 1950's and 1960's - Ken was our fearless leader - The Beach Director.

Ken encouraged and inspired strong teams of volunteers that made programs work at the beach. The volunteers became an integral as "Timers" to develop the popular the Sunday Swim Races. He further developed and enlarged the swimming program. The Swim Club continued to grow in number, and competitive meets with other lake communities were held on Wednesday evenings at each lake community. Fayson Lakes began to host AAU swim meets as well. Ken initiated what he called "the Mother's Hour," providing swim lessons for the adult who never had the opportunity to learn to swim as a child.

Monday evenings brought the much anticipated "Monday Night at the Movies" on the handball court. It was complete with the sale of penny candy and an ice-cold 10 cent soda. An outstanding Arts and Crafts program was initiated, under the volunteer leadership of Mrs. DeAngeles. An annual Water Ballet was initiated with influence by many volunteers, resulting in elaborate set design, choreography and announcing. Ken lead a very active, Activity Day each week. He would lead a group of children on brown bag lunch and bike tours through the valley; boat picnics to the island. And can you imagine - taking a group of children by bus to the old Yankee Stadium to see the greats such as Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra - what a thrill! Then there were trips to Fairy Tale Forest and Wild West City which was complete with a ride in a stage coach being held up by "robbers." A camp area was cleared behind Sabey's Beach and dedicated to Ken as "Camp Allerman." Labor Day Weekend was a culmination of all the events of summer. It began with "decorations" by teenagers on the high dive; potato-sack races, spoon race, water balloon toss, etc. for all age groups - including our parents; one can't forget the Baby Parade; finally - trophies - for fishing derby, sailing club, swim races.

Perhaps you will have a better understanding of the man, Ken Allerman, by the following comments which were made by those children of the 50's and 60's who learned that Ken had gone to join the angels in January 2014.

Many have commented on how fortunate we were to have grown up in Fayson Lakes and Ken Allerman was the heart and soul of it all. He had an influence on many during their childhood years. Ken was an exceptional man who leaves a great legacy.

Ken instilled courage and bravery by getting generations of kids to leap off the high dive.

  • Ken taught us rules for respect and developed our creative side by admiring our lanyards made in Arts and Crafts.
  • Ken taught us responsibility by making us relinquish our badges in order to borrow kick boards, beach balls, and the highly coveted knock hockey boards.
  • Ken taught us to laugh at our parents in the egg toss.
  • Ken taught us to be safe in the water or else his highly trained life guards would come charging.
  • Ken taught us to be serious by joining hands as a group to search the water for a missing person, which we never really understood as kids, but do as adults.
  • Ken taught us we were individuals by calling us by name and knowing where our Mom was sitting with the Shady Ladies.
  • Ken nourished our inner diva by bringing Broadway-worthy water ballet to the pool area.
  • Ken taught us to save our pennies and them blow them all at the Penny Carnival.
  • Ken taught us that children have their place - starring in the Baby Parade.
  • Ken taught us humor by never, ever, even once, catching the culprits of the end-of-summer high dive "transformations" - the pranks of legends.

The one thing remembered most about Mr. Allerman was his smile. A smile can't be carved in stone, not his anyway. You earned a smile from him by just showing up, being ready to jump in.

So how best to honor the legacy of Ken Allerman? Do what Ken did - make life a beach, smile, jump in, and don't forget your badge!

The flagpole on main beach was rededicated in Ken Allerman's memory on August 1, 2015.