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The stocking day for Fayson Lakes is scheduled for Friday, April 14th at the T-Dock (past Sabey's Beach) on West Lake. The time is around 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM depending on the hatchery truck's schedule. Opening Day will be on Saturday, April 15th at 8:00 AM. The dates may change depending on the water level of the lake.

The fish stocking has turned into a quite an event over the last couple of years. We invite all the families with their kids to come down, watch and participate. Seeing the expression on the kids' faces as the large-sized trout are being released is wonderful.

We are asking for your help with donations, even small donations. This money added to the allotted amount the Fayson Lakes Association gives us helps us buy additional fish. With this money, we will be able to buy larger size fish (trophy size), 20 inches or larger. Each year, many of these trophy fish are caught by our kids under 12.

To make a donation, please contact Dick Quinn at (973) 283-1894, John Woodruff at (973) 838-7830 or Bob Currie at (973) 838-1218.

Please keep in mind that while fishing in Fayson Lakes water, you must abide by Fayson Lakes bylaws and New Jersey State rules and regulations regarding fishing and boating. All fishermen must wear current Fayson Lake Association badges.

Thank you.

The Fish Stocking Committee