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We are planning to do a stocking in all three lakes this fall, but we need your help. We are trying to stock warm water species such as bass (large and small mouth), walleye, and hybrid stripes, depending upon the availability at the hatchery. We need your help for additional donations. Even small amounts would be greatly appreciated.

To make a donation for the Fall Fish Stocking, please contact Dick Quinn at (973) 283-1894 or John Woodruff at (973) 838-7830 by September 30th.

Please keep in mind that while fishing in Fayson Lakes water, you must abide by Fayson Lakes By-Laws and New Jersey State rules and regulations regarding fishing and boating. All fishermen must wear current Fayson Lake Association badges. Additionally, Fayson Lakes fishing policy is "Catch and Release." Please abide by these rules.

Thank you.

The Fish Stocking Committee