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Please help keep our beach areas safe by making note of the below information and observing the following rules:
  1. Badges must be worn at all times (day and night) when on Association property and displayed in a clearly visible manner.
  2. Borrowing of badges is NOT permitted. Persons not wearing badges will be required to leave Association property.
  3. Bathers must stay within the roped swimming area regardless of age or ability. Non-swimmers are to keep out of the pool area and remain within arm's length of a caregiver while in the water.
  4. Inflated plastic buoyant equipment of any kind is not permitted. Rubber rafts may be used.
  5. Kickboards and rubber balls may be obtained at the beach shack.
  6. Picnicking on the beaches is not permitted at any time. This includes snacking.
  7. Bottles and other glass objects are not to be taken onto the beaches.
  8. Paper and other litter are to be deposited in the litter baskets. There is no smoking on the beach.
  9. Radios and other sound devices must be played at a reasonable level and with respect for neighbors on the beach, in the Clubhouse, and in homes near the beach. Headphones are recommended.
  10. Children are not to play or sit in the safety boat. Only authorized personnel or members performing necessary Association work are permitted to operate motorboat.
  11. Please keep small children away from the T-dock. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Lifeguards CANNOT reach the T-dock rapidly from their normal posts in case of an emergency.
  12. Skin diving is permitted ONLY during prescribed hours and only with a "buddy." Flippers are permitted during a general swim but face masks and snorkels are not.
  14. All State fishing laws are in effect and are supplemented by the Association in an annual message.
  15. Persons 14 years of age or older MAY NOT fish from the shore or docks, except senior/handicapped members with specific approval and with special badges.
  16. Guest fishermen must wear a guest fishing badge and be accompanied by a badge-wearing member.
  17. Do not block the Clubhouse parking lot. An access lane must be maintained through the lot from Clubhouse Trail to Stonybrook Trail at all times, both for members' convenience and for firefighting apparatus in the event of an emergency.
  18. All children who wear diapers must wear swim diapers in the lake.
  19. Diaper changing only in designated "Baby Changing" area. DO NOT CHANGE DIAPERS ON THE BEACH!
  20. Fayson Lakes Dock Test. Children under 14 years of age must pass this two-part test if they wish to go to the deep-water docks.
    • Part 1: Swim to the deep-water dock and back without stopping. All tests are to be administered by our beach staff.
    • Part 2: Tread water for 1 minute.


  1. Establish that a person is missing.
  2. Clear the water by sounding the safety horn and public announcement.
  3. Once the water is cleared, form two lines of people, one at the right side of the swimming area and one on the left side.
  4. A guard will supervise the walking of each human chain until they reach the middle of the swimming area and entire shallow area has been checked.
  5. While this is going on, another group of experienced swimmers will form a line in the deep swimming area. This line will surface dive along the bottom counting a five count and then resurface. Once they have all surfaced, a guard on the chair will direct them to back paddle three times and then repeat surface dive and search.
  6. This operation will continue until the victim has been found.
  7. While this operation is ongoing, a guard will check the restrooms, cave, picnic area, courts and call person's residence to search for the missing person.


  1. Guard in chair sounds horn and enters the water.
  2. Second guard from the shack sprints to guard chair while guard in the shack keeps eyes on the water.
  3. Once second guard reaches the guard chair, third guard comes out to assist with rescue.
  4. If needed, call for First Aid Unit.
  5. Rescue will be handled according to the American Red Cross Lifesaving Procedures.
  6. A report must be filled out on all water rescues and missing person drills.


The following items are prohibited: plastic tubes, Styrofoam bubbles, plastic rafts, rings, water wings, or any other inflatable device. The only inflatable devices permitted must be made of CANVAS with a SCREW TYPE VALVE. The push-in type of valve is not acceptable. These rules are enforced by the staff for the safety of the swimmers. PLEASE REMIND YOUR GUESTS OF THESE RULES TOO!


The Fayson Lakes Association has available for members the use kayaks and paddle boards. They are docked at the main beach and can be signed out at the shack with a badge. The following rules must be followed:
  1. As required by NJ State and Federal laws, there must be one wearable life preserver for every person in a boat at all times. Kayakers must be 12 years of age or older. Kayakers under 12 years old must have an adult in the boat. Paddle boarders must be 14 years of age or older. All boaters must wear life jackets.
  2. Maximum occupancy is two per kayak and one per paddleboard.
  3. Swimming from the boats and boards for any reason is not permitted.


Every Sunday at 2:00 PM our National Anthem is played at Main Beach. This is the signal for members to walk down to the pool area for Sunday Races.

This activity consists of events for different age groups. We have a kickboard event for the 7-year-olds and under and children who choose to use a kickboard. The other swimming events are freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. The age groups are 8 and under, 9 & 10, 11 & up. There are separate events for boys and girls except when events do not have enough participants. Each week there is a mystery event for each age group. All events are 25 yards in length.

Trophies are awarded on Labor Day for each event. Trophies are given for Best Time and Most Points with participation certificates handed out to all those who participate for at least 5 Sundays out of the summer. Sunday Races are not just for Swim Team members, but for any member swimmer wishing to participate.


The Arts and Crafts program will be implemented by our beach staff. The program is broken up into groups based on age. There is a $5.00 fee per child ($10 max per family), due by July 4th. Sign up at the Main Beach Shack with your payment.


The Daily Activities, Special Event and Beach Tournament schedules will be available on the website and at the Main Beach Shack and at Sabey's Beach.


Children will be placed in the appropriate class according to their ability. The swim lessons run Tues/Thurs or Wed/Fri mornings. We also offer Saturday morning swim lessons for families who cannot take advantage of the weekday lessons. Please make sure to speak with the Beach Director to set up alternate swim lessons times if none of these times meet your schedule. There is no charge for swim lessons.