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The FLA Achievers are publishing a 2019 Fayson Lakes Directory for CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY. Please help us with this endeavor and make sure to send in your information. There are two ways of providing your contact information:

  • Return the Blue Sheet that was included with the Association Dues Mailing
  • Electronically - Send your Address/First and Last Name/Home Phone/Cell Phone/Email Address to faysondirectory@gmail.com

We are also selling ads for the directory. Please click HERE for Ad Form with rates and sizes.


2018 was the Achievers first full year of existence, and what a great year it was. Our many activities included Meetings every other month with Birthday Celebrations, Summer Potluck Dinners, Game Day, Bowling, Spanish Classes, Genealogy Classes, and the Creation of the Fayson Lakes Book Club. The Game Days in the winter months alternate between potluck lunches and just games. The favorite game for the group is "rummykub." We also support the Kinnelon Pantry by bringing food.

The Fayson Lakes Achievers' Christmas celebration was held on December 8th at the Clubhouse which was beautifully decorated by Pat Brinks and her helping elves Greg Meehan, Pat, and Jim James. Also gracing our table was a quilted basket, skillfully made by Shirley Hancock, filled with candy and a lotto ticket. The lucky person seated on a secretly marked chair was the recipient of this gift.

Thanks to A Taste of Reality who catered the occasion with Antipasto Salad, Chicken Marsala, Penne Vodka, rolls and butter. Members brought appetizers, drinks and desserts. We were all treated to Puerto Rican style Eggnog from Frances.

We were each tagged with the name of a famous person and had to guess who we were by asking questions to each other which could only be answered with "Yes or No." This was a great success as it made for wonderful mingling and conversation. The "white elephant" gift exchange was also much fun and entertaining.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2019. Just a reminder the Fayson Lakes Achievers is open to all Fayson Lakes residents and is not limited to us older, very active achievers.




FLA Achievers - Club Headlines

  • Regular Meeting: Every other month on the 1st Friday of the month.
  • Book Club: Contact Peter Meyer callmepeter@hotmail.com or 973-632-4584.
  • Game Day: Every other Thursday at Clubhouse - 1:00 PM.
  • Potluck at Main Beach: Every other Tuesday - 6:00 PM (Beginning June 12th).
  • Bowling Party at Boonton Bowling Lanes: Date to be determined.
  • Fayson Lakes Booklets for Sale: Contact Jim James 973-722-8107 or JJames90@optonline.net
  • Sweatshirts for Sale: Contact Frances Ochart 919-530-0907 or flaachievers@gmail.com.
  • Charitable Volunteer Activity: FLLA has "adopted" the Kinnelon Food Pantry (located at the Church of the Nazarene In Butler.)

FLA Achievers Sweatshirts

  • The FL Achievers are selling sweatshirts. Available to all in Fayson Lakes. The color is Grayish White (Ash), with the FLA logo and the word 'ACHIEVERS' on the left pocket area.
  • Crew Neck, Hoodies and Zip Hoodies are available.
  • To order, please email FLAachievers@gmail.com.
  • Click HERE to download the below flyer with the size chart and price list.
Lifelong Achievers Sweatshirt Flyer

FLA Achievers Book Group

  • The first meeting was held on March 19th.
  • Book selected: The Choice: Embrace the Possible by Edith Eva Eger.
  • The agenda discussion set forth how we will initially move forward:
    • We will be meeting monthly
    • We will decide on the next meeting date at the meeting
    • We will vote on the next book to read based on recommendations from group
    • We will meet in peoples homes, to be decided at the meeting
  • Check Back Here for Next Meeting Date.
  • If you think you'd like to attend the next meeting, please email Peter Meyer at callmepeter@hotmail.com.
  • PS. We also do a lot of general socializing.
  • After a very interesting meeting this past Tuesday, September 5th, our next selection is Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard. The meeting will be at 7:30 PM on Sunday evening the 30th of September at the home of Lucy Cilento, 11 Partridge Trail. All members of the Fayson Lakes Association are welcome to attend. For more information, please email Lucy Cilento at lucycilento@hotmail.com.

FLA Achievers Meetings

  • Achievers Meetings are open to all members of the Fayson Lakes Association who are, but not exclusively, of retirement age or older.
  • Next Meeting: July - 10:30 AM in the Clubhouse.